Arafah Global Resources

Arafah Global Resources
is a one stop local and foreign recruitment agency specializing in local and foreign recruitment for manufacturing, service and construction industries. With one of the largest network both for sourcing of human resource; client and business affiliates across the globe, Arafah Global Resources’ presence in the international human resource scene are significantly important. Always keeping you in top priority and contributing to each other’s business orientation, we should be the perfect partner to work with. Of course, with our name together we see a newer horizon and visualize us doing businesses for many years to come.

We arrange the foreign workers on demand from our clients and manage them. We provide workers with accommodation, transport, medical, insurance and bear all other miscellaneous charges. Our company handles everything and bears full responsibility for everything and delivers a total manpower solution to our clients.

Under the recruitment function, our company is responsible for everything from getting recruitment approvals from the relevant authorities to sourcing the workers from the source country, handling immigration and medical formalities from the source country right up to the delivery of workers to our clients doorstep here in Malaysia.

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