Vschool Trend

VSchool Trend Learning Program is Malaysia’s first online learning programme that offers comprehensive syllabus starting from pre-school right up to Form 5.

The most effective No. 1 online education brand in Malaysia.

Successfully won 7 awards in just 3 years:
* Premium International Business Award (PIBA) 2017
* Asia Top Business Award 2018
* Asia Pacific Excellence Brand Award 2018
* The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Award 2019
* Golden Bull Award 2019
* Consumer's Choice Award 2020
* Sin Chew Business Excellence Award 2021

- Launched in the market for 3 years with more than 100,000 users

- Specially designed programme based on Malaysian syllabus

- Having more than 600,000 questions in the question bank

- Consists of 13 Pioneered Unique features

- Equipped with extensive creative syllabus content

- Providing student's detailed report card for parents to analyse their children’s academic performance

- 100% colourful Notes where important points are presented in a colourful way to the students

- Helps parents save up to 80% of their monthly education expenses

- All subjects only RM1.10 per day

- With over 95% positive user reviews

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